Duran-Trans Kft.

Nemzetközi Fuvarozás és szállítmányozás


Own repair workshop, scheduled, preventive vehicle maintenance.

Most of our vehicles are secured by guarantees due to their young age. Specialised workshops are in charge of repairing occasional defects.

In addition, we schedule regular maintenance before the usual breakdown of rotating and wearing parts. We determine the dates of inspections with regards to our empiricism and the factory regulations.

We solely use good quality lubricants and components.

The environmental classification of our trailers are EURO6, with regards to the worsening atmospheric conditions of the Earth.

Our mechanics have several years of experience and broad vision. Their job is their profession.

Address of our repair workshop:

  • H-8000 Székesfehérvár, Berényi u. 72-100. 52.ép.
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