Duran-Trans Kft.

Nemzetközi Fuvarozás és szállítmányozás


Modern company fleet. 1 to 24 tonnes carrying capacity.

Optimal transport routes, GPS vehicle monitoring system in Europe.

We have selected our vehicle drivers over many years. Our workforce travels in Europe as a unified team helping each other. All drivers are reachable via mobile phones. 

The actual status and movement of vehicles is supervised by our colleagues with the help of a GPS monitoring system. In case of any problems, contact with drivers, reaction and informing of partners are immediate. 

The maintenance of vehicles is performed by our mechanics in our own workshop. Validation of guarantees and computer assisted intervention requiring a specialised workshop are carried out in authorised repair workshops.

The most advanced ITS (Intelligent transportation systems) for European road networks are installed in the vehicles, which enable faster movement at border sections. We only buy fuel by using fuel cards.

H-8143 Sárszentmihály, Árpád street 1/A..

21 Scania 93m3 24 tonnes canvasback trailer
3 Mercedes Atego 35m3 3 tonnes canvasback
2 Fiat Ducato 21m3 1,3 tonnes canvasback
1 VW Caddy 1m3 0,5 tonne closed box van
Fuvarozás (6 kép)