Duran-Trans Kft.

Nemzetközi Fuvarozás és szállítmányozás


Reliable and complete administration.

Forwarding from the acquisition of raw materials to JIT delivery.

As forwarding agents we organize the movement of goods. Experts assess the vehicle necessity and plan the transport route. They also give sensible advice. The existing customs authorisations simplify the customs procedures. When necessary, the goods are stored in a warehouse until delivery. The basis of success is the thorough knowledge of logistical requirements. Organization and documentation. This is our approach to a safe, traceable and viable service.

Large and complete logistical projects which include complete services requiring several branches are just as important as tasks which are to be performed with one-way, forwarding routine.
With nearly 20 years of experience, modern vehicles and establishments, the versatile and open communication of our employees help our business partners and clients to benefit from joint cooperation.