Duran-Trans Kft.

Nemzetközi Fuvarozás és szállítmányozás


Public road freight, sea and air connections

Optimal routes, European and intercontinental solutions.

Dispatcher colleagues communicate with partners in Hungarian, English and German. Assessment of transport demands is possible via several information devices, while adapting to the needs of partners. We have full IT background.

Besides own vehicles, a reliable relationship between subcontractors ensures the economic forwarding of the optimal transport equipment to the desired location.

The orders are recorded by shipments. Partners receive confirmation as regards the terms of commitment. The same forwarding software documents, monitors and closes the freight, and each order can be retrieved posteriorly.

Intercontinental shipments are delivered to the destination by combined transport equipment via our sea and air transport partners.

Our references and greatest partners:

  • Emerson Process Management Hungary Kft. (Emerson-Group)
  • AUDI AG.
  • Grundfos Hungary
  • Kintetsu Wordwide Express (sea and air transport)
  • LKW Walter GmbH
  • S.T.I. Hungary Kft.
  • Maerks B.V. (sea transport)
  • Masterplast Group
  • Media Markt
  • Philips
  • Preymesser Kft.
  • UPS Amsterdam (air transport)
  • Xomox Hungary Kft.
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